Fit India Activity




When we talk of fun from a child's perspective, fun games come vividly to our mind as they give immense pleasure to the children. And one such game is Hopscotch in which children make a grid consisting of squares numbered from 1 to 10. They toss a pebble inside the square 1 and hop across it to square 2. This way, they continue hopping till square 10 and then they take a U turn and continue to toss the pebble, starting back counting from 10 to 1. This game helps greatly to learn counting for junior kids. Since the children hop on one feet, it helps a lot in balance training. It enhances the stamina of the performers as well. The students of Class VI of Himalaya International School took up Hopscotch as their fun game activity under Fit India School Week Celebration and enjoyed playing it with their siblings and friends. They made grids with chalk and colours for this purpose.