Celebration Detail


DATE- 17APRIL 2021

They stand there reclusive, in a solitary confine among some lush green woods or sturdy mountains, reminding us of our rich cultural heritage. 
The caves and monuments are the valuable legacies that our forefathers have gifted us .The architectural inscriptions, the paintings and beautiful figures on the walls of the caves not only talk of our glorious past but have also been a rich source of knowledge that digs deep into the pages of history dating back to paleolithic age.

So, to understand the importance of caves, the students of Himalaya International School, took a journey into these epitome of our golden past to gather some pearls of invaluable information from the oysters of caves. The students made amazing models of caves decorating them with toy animals and trees, painted their faces with architectural figures from caves, made colourful wall magazines depicting the importance of preserving the caves, told stories based on Ajanta and Ellora caves, prepared PPTs on virtual tour to some of the amazing ancient caves and explained the significance of the same and some students posted beautiful thought-provoking quotes on caves, with hashtags, on social media.
They, along with their teachers took pledge to preserve these wonderful legacies with all their hearts.