Special Activities

Swachchta Shapath Day (1.9.2018 Saturday) :-

Swachchta Shapath Day (1.9.2018 Saturday)
1.Today we have pasted posters on Swatchchta awareness at the entry gate of the school and also in the class bulletin board. All the students and teachers of the 
school assembled in the morning to take oath on Swatchchta.
2.A cleanliness drive was undertaken in which few students demonstrated other fellow students on how to continue with Swatchchta Abhiyan for a fortnight in school as well as at home.


Swachchta Awareness Day Report (4.9.18 Tuesday) :-

Swachchta Awareness Day Report (4.9.18 Tuesday)
Today a meeting was held of SMC members where the importance of cleanliness and sanitation was highlighted and strategies were drawn on how to encourage students to continue the practices of hygiene and sanitation in school as well as at home.
•Teachers were given the duty to inspect the washroom and sanitary facilities at every corner of the school.
•Extensive cleaning was done in the classrooms and surrounding areas.


Green School Drive (5.9.18 Wednesday) :-

Green School Drive (5.9.18 Wednesday) 
•Today students had planted the plants in and around the school premises.
•Teachers had given classes to make them learn to use water material in a best way.


Swachchta Participation Day (6.9.18 Thursday) :-

Swachchta Participation Day (6.9.18 Thursday)
Today the competitions were held in the school for clean and well-maintained premises in school.
Painting competition were held in the class I - V students had made painting on the topic "Swachch Bharat".
Debates were organized in different classes on the topic Swatchchta.


Hand wash day and personal hygiene day (7.9.18 Friday) :-

Hand wash day and personal hygiene day (7.9.18 Friday) 
Today, Children were taught the methods of hand-washing, using sanitizer before eating.
•Students were told to use napkins after eating to clean their hands.
•A video clip was shown to students to motivate the students for maintaining cleanliness.


Community Participation Day (10.9.2018 Monday) :-

Community Participation Day (10.9.2018 Monday)
Today, Teachers also took part in cleanliness of classrooms and surrounding area of school.
Students had marched to make the community aware about maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings.


Swachchta School Exhibition Day (11.9.2018 Tuesday) :-

Swachchta School Exhibition Day (11.9.2018 Tuesday)
Today, students have made and displayed banner at some places in the school.


Swachh Water Day (12.9.2018 Wednesday) :-

Swachh Water Day (12.9.2018 Wednesday)
1.Today we have got our Water filters serviced.
2.People from surrounding area as well as parents of students were encouraged to participate in Swachchta abhiyan conducted in our school.
3.Poster were made and displayed diseases to promote awareness of safe drinking water.


Prize Distribution Day (14.9.2018 Friday) :-

Prize Distribution Day (14.9.2018 Friday)
Today, Children were awarded for competitions i.e. painting, debate, etc.