Elementary Wing

Curriculum and Methodology
H.I.S takes pride in its innovative and child friendly approach to studies. Every Student is encouraged to think of why and why not, thus enabling inquisitive thinking, fostering curiosity and developing an atmosphere for healthy learning.
Emphasis is laid on the oral work and hands on experiences, thus making the students active participants in the learning process and discouraging rote - learning.

Extra Curricular Activities
Art, Craft, Music, Dance & Sports are given equal weightage in the curriculum. Individual talents are recognized at an early stage and ample opportunities are provided for the child to nurture them. We encourage maximum participation of students in all school activities.

We follow a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation of our students to support and promote their all round development.

School Timings
For Elementary Classes, School Timings are from 8.00 a.m. to 1.50 p.m.