Celebration's Detail



DATE- 17APRIL 2021

They stand there reclusive, in a solitary confine among some lush green woods or sturdy mountains, reminding us of our rich cultural heritage. 
The caves and monuments are the valuable legacies that our forefathers have gifted us .The architectural inscriptions, the paintings and beautiful figures on the walls of the caves not only talk of our glorious past but have also been a rich source of knowledge that digs deep into the pages of history dating back to paleolithic age.

So, to understand the importance of caves, the students of Himalaya International School, took a journey into these epitome of our golden past to gather some pearls of invaluable information from the oysters of caves. The students made amazing models of caves decorating them with toy animals and trees, painted their faces with architectural figures from caves, made colourful wall magazines depicting the importance of preserving the caves, told stories based on Ajanta and Ellora caves, prepared PPTs on virtual tour to some of the amazing ancient caves and explained the significance of the same and some students posted beautiful thought-provoking quotes on caves, with hashtags, on social media.
They, along with their teachers took pledge to preserve these wonderful legacies with all their hearts.


BAISAKHI 2021 :-


DATE- 13 APRIL 2021

While the golden hues of good harvest spread across the fields bringing immense joy into the lives of everyone, we, at *Himalaya International School,* put our best foot forward in welcoming the Hindi New Year, Baisakhi, in our own jubiliant way. 

The students of primary wing poured out their joyous feelings by singing and reciting beautiful songs and poems to celebrate this special occasion with a warm wish in their heart of good luck, robust health and prosperity for everyone.




DATE- 7-April-2021

"Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
 Sarve Santu Niramaya" 

At Himalaya International School, we believe that Physical fitness is not only the greatest wealth the mankind could have in this century but it is also a way of life, rather, the life itself. It is the only key to the complete wellbeing of humanity across the world.
Being physical fitness in toto is our motto, we pray to the Almighty to grant us the strength to combat the deadly diseases such as Covid-19 and to bless us with sound body, replenished mind and enriched soul.
Our school children have, time and again, proved through various activities that they really care.
On this occasion of World Health Day, we vow to maintain all the necessary precautions  and healthy hygienic norms to ensure the best of health for us and everyone out there.



The 72th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Himalaya International School  on 26th
January 2021.  The students saluted the National Flag  and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and
integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “ India”.
‘We may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin but we all belong to one
human race.’
Despite the ongoing pandemic, the spirit of Himalayanas has not shaken an inch. They celebrated the
Republic Day with immense enthusiasm and zeal. They truly went an extra mile by including dances,
poems, songs etc. in their performances. The culture of India is extremely vast and impossible to
cover in just an hour, however, the Himalayans tried their best to portray the extensive variety and
unity in India.
We appreciate the confidence and passion of our young learners and the patriotism of all the Indians
who bow their heads before the nation.



The National Road Safety Week was observed with much verve by the students of our School from 1 February
to 5 February 2021.
The campaign, an initiative of the National Safety Council of India along with the Ministry of Road Transport
and Highways, aims at sensitising the community, schools, colleges, workplaces, commuters, etc., about the
various aspects of road safety. It is designed to accentuate the need for safe road travel by following the traffic
The theme for the special week this year was “Sadak Suraksha- Jeevan Raksha”. Several activities and
programmes were organised at our School to educate our wards on road safety, driving rules and areas of
special caution.
The learners of class 1 showcase their artistic skills on road safety guidelines by playing role on Traffic signs
and symbols.
The learners of class 3 engaged in a paragraph writing. They wrote about precautions to be taken on roads.
This exercise was designed to actualize the consequences of not observing safety procedures amongst the
young and impressionable minds of future drivers.
Students of classes 4-6 showcased their artistic skills at a poster making competition on road safety guidelines.
Posters highlighting the observance of traffic rules were displayed strategically on the School premises. These
creative visuals helped spread awareness among students and in turn their families.
Students of classes 7-8 showcased their artistic skills at a pamphlet making on road safety guidelines.
Pamphlet highlighting the observance of traffic rules were displayed strategically on the School premises.
These creative visuals helped spread awareness among students and in turn their families.
The week-long celebration at the grass root level created new awareness about the part that schoolchildren
can play in making our roads safer and hereby preventing road accidents.
Our young and conscious Indianite seemed to assimilate their role as empowered future citizens and
embraced the onerous responsibility to bring about a change in the mindset of the adults who view traffic rules
as a hindrance.


Republic day Feb 2020 :-

Republic day

HIS Celebrated India's 71st republic day on 25 Jan 2020 with great eclat. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The programme began at 8:30 am with flag hosting. The principal ma'am hosted the national flag, the students saluted the flag, and pledge to upload the honour and integrity. This year we celebrated Republic Day in unique manner. A Talent hunt competition was organised in the school. Kritika of class IV was awarded as Best Dancer, Ishnoor of class II as Best Drator and Devansh of class VII as Best Singer.



Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring. 
Soaking in the spirit of Christmas students of HIS celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on December 24, 2019.
The school was beautifully decorated primary students danced to joyful tunes. Even the Xmas tree and Santa danced to the exciting tunes followed by Christmas skit. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children.


Annual Prize Distribution Function(14.11.2019) :-

Annual Prize Distribution Function
Annual prize distribution ceremony for the primary Wing was organized on 14 Nov 2019 in school premise. The program was presented was presented by the students of primary classes. Solo act by Garv, Disha  and sanvi added charm to the celebration. Chairman Sir acknowledge the effort of the students. The function ended with the grand Finale and Vote of Thanks.


Art Fest for Kindergartens Kids :-

On the occasion of Children's Day The Modern School Deepali has Organized an Interschool Art Fest for kindergartens Kids on 19 Nov 2019. Tiny tots of Himalaya international participated enthusiastically in this fest. They expressed their creativity through different colours and appreciated by a gift as a token of their love.


Diwali Celebration :-

Diwali is the festival of joy and prosperity. It is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. On this auspicious occasion, students of Himalaya International School presented a special assembly on 25 Oct, 2019.
The celebration was commenced with prayer, talk, poem, dance, song and nukkad natak. A powerful message of dire consequences of adding to the pollution of the environment by bursting cracker was brilliantly staged as well. A captivating dance performances was the bonus bonanza of a day. The School Principal, Ms. Priti Ma'am wished all the students a very happy and prosperous Diwali.


Teacher's Day 2019 :-

HIS celebrated teacher's day with zeal and zest on 5th Sept, 2019. A special assembly was conducted by Class VIII to pay homage to their teachers through titles. Few parents were invited in the school to perform the role of the teachers. Cultural programme for parents followed by cake cutting ceremony. Addressing the teachers on the occassion, Sh. K. C. Gupta, the chairman extolled the role of teachers in student's life.


Orientation cum Appreciation Day Function :-

HIS celebrated its Pre-Primary wing Annual Day (Orientation cum Appreciation Day Function) with zeal and enthusiasm on 8th Feb, 2019. Students of junior wing participate wholeheartedly. The Programme was commenced with the welcome dance. Students mesmerized the audience with their spectacular performance. The effortless compering was done by the students themselves. Director of the School Madam Ritu Gupta Ji acknowledged the efforts of the students. The function ended with grand finale and Vote of Thanks. 


Farewell :-

Himalaya International School bid a farewell to their ongoing students. A farewell party was organised at school premises where students had a lot of fun.
The programme began with the welcome song. Students enthusiastically performed on friendship and farewell songs. They sang good bye songs which created an ambiance full with emotions. Director of the school Ms. Ritu Gupta wish all students luck for their future endeavours.
Principal Ms. Priti Agarwal addressed the students and asked them to
do their best and face life challenges with confidence.


Principal's Consortium :-

Principal's Consortium
Date: 1.12.18
Himalaya International School, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi hosted its first ever Consortium of Principals at its premises in collaboration with Max Educational Publishers on 1st December. The event was inaugurated with lighting of lamps by the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Ira Sehgal. She spoke on the topic "How can we contribute in shaping our children." The event was attended by 50 schools of Rohini and adjacent areas. Director of the school Ms. Ritu Gupta shown her gratitude to Mrs. Ira Sehgal for sharing her knowledge.


Children's Day :-

The students at Himalaya International School celebrated Children's Day on 14th November. In order to facilitate the students, different activities and programs were organized keeping their likes and interest in view. Instead of the students for a change today the morning assembly was conducted by the teachers. Teachers performed poems, songs, bhajans, etc. There was an antakshari competition between students and teachers also. Students were awarded with prizes and certificates for various activities such as Diya decoration, Rangoli, Swimming, Role play, etc. The assembly was ended with a motivational speech by the school Principal and she shared her childhood memories also. Students of Class I to III were shown movie and Class IV onwards outdoor activities were organized.


Annual Prize Distribution Function :-

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony for Primary wing was organized on 13th Oct. 2018 in the school premises. The programme was presented by the students of Primary classes. The benign presence of the chief guest Ms. Sarita Maan (a renowned Asian Champion in wrestling) along with her husband Mr. Rahul Maan added charm to the occasion. The function was initiated by a melodius welcome choir which was followed by the welcome speech of the Principal Mam. The students of Class I put the stage on fire with an enthrilling western dance. Sanvi and Manthan of Class II presented poem in Hindi students of Class III and IV showed their love towards their fathers through a dance performance. Tanvi of Class IV recited Tandav shlokas which was followed by Hindi skit performed by students of Class IV and V. The skit was based on an abstract from a famous story 'Boodi Kaki' written by 'Munshi Premchand ji'. Students of Class II mesmerized the audience by their Rajasthani Kathputli Dance moves. Students were felicitated for their academic performance which was followed by speech of Chairman Sir 'Sh. K. C. Gupta Ji'. The event came to an end with a masti dance presented by the students of Class III, IV & V which was followed by grand finale in which all the students came together.


Teacher's Day :-

Himalaya International School celebrated Teacher's Day with zeal and zest on 5th Sept.'2018. A special morning assembly was held in which students paid homage to their teachers through titles. There was an unusual excitement in school this time. As few parents were invited in the school to perform as Teachers. There was a cultural programme for parents followed by cake cutting ceremony. Addressing the teachers on the occasion, Sh. K.C. Gupta, the chairman extolled the role of teachers in student's life.


Janmashtami :-

Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great joy and festivity by the students of HIS. The event comprised of group dance by the students of Class VI, enchanting of shlokas. Solo dance by the students of Class VIII and Class I to show their devotion. It conveyed the message "Victory of good over evil" The event was concluded with the message of the Principal.


Raksha Bandhan :-

Himalaya International School celebrated Rakshabandhan festival, with great fervour and gaiety.
Girls tied rakhis on the hands of their classmates. Brothers gave sweets to their sisters. Girls also tied Rakhi to Chairman Sir, Sh. K.C.Gupta and he gave blessings in return. Students were familiarized with the customs and rituals followed by Rakshabandhan.